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How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

        The internet is littered with information about cleaning your eyeglasses - some of it helpful, some of it not. Even though you will discover dozens of methods for cleaning and sanitizing your specs, only a small fraction of those methods are tried and true.

        It’s important to take the proper steps to fully ensure your glasses are both scratch and germ-free. Cleaning your glasses with a t-shirt, or something similar can cause damage to your lenses due to particles of dust trapped in the fabric. Not only will this wreak havoc on your eyewear, but t-shirts also don’t have the ability to disinfect or sanitize surfaces.


        Not only are we cleaning and scrubbing our hands every chance we get, but we are also cleaning and disinfecting our smartphones, doorknobs, office supplies, and countertops too. But did you know that harmful germs can also live on your eyeglasses?

        Just like any other surface, eyeglass frames and lenses can harbor infectious bacteria that can make you sick.

        As we go about our daily routine, we rarely stop to think about how many times we touch our spectacles. For example, after putting them on in the morning we subconsciously adjust their position on the nose, remove them for cleaning, and so forth. And often, we do so with unwashed hands.

       As part of your virus mitigation routine, you should be cleaning your glasses daily to keep them germ-free and looking sharp.

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